What We Do


We provide college access to ALL WHEELS students, not just the highest performing. We believe every student deserves individualized support to explore, identify and reach their post-secondary goals. ​

9–11th Grade

We facilitate college knowledge workshops and host career exploration and professional mentoring events. We match students with extracurricular internships and summer enrichment programs. We lead college trips and host alumni college student interns to mentor current students.

11th Grade

We work with students to develop personal statements, prepare for standardized tests, and develop robust college lists. We begin providing individualized college counseling the second semester of junior year.

12th Grade

We provide individualized counseling to ensure each student applies to college, submits his/her FAFSA application and, ultimately, selects the best fit college or alternative program.​ We utilize extensive knowledge of the college access landscape and relationships with admissions departments throughout NY, as well as other states, and see many of our students find success in Opportunity Programs whether at CUNY, SUNY or private colleges.

If interested, we help students identify an alternative certification or job readiness program. Our college list is incredibly diverse and reflects the wide range of options our students select. We are proud to have several Posse and Questbridge matches amongst our alumni in recent years.

In the summer between graduation and beginning college, we help our graduating class matriculate and prepare for their first semester.

Alumni Programs

We provide counseling and career connections for our alumni so that they will persist, complete college, and thrive during their college years while facilitating critical early-career networking connections.


We facilitate alumni professional development and networking opportunities to expand career possibilities. We collaborate with partner programs, volunteers, corporations, organizations, and institutional partners to match alumni with early career opportunities.

Alumni Career Connections

We facilitate alumni professional development and networking opportunities to expand career . We collaborate with partner programs, volunteers, corporate, organization and institutional partners to match alumni with early career opportunities.


Through our Alumni Advisory Board, alumni guide and improve our programs. We also cultivate opportunities to advance alumni leadership in our work and community.

Youth Leadership

We support youth leadership development, which is critical to strengthening college and career access, and life possibilities.

Leadership Development

We facilitate youth leadership development by leading training, workshops and retreats on self-advocacy, social justice issues and team building. We cultivate opportunities for students to develop their identity and voice to gain self-efficacy and to take action on the issues that matter to them.

Clean Air Green Corridor

The Clean Air Green Corridor is our signature youth-led initiative that is transforming 182nd Street for five blocks, providing 100,000+ people access to the Harlem River, otherwise off limits, and Highbridge Park, our anchor park, connecting the dots between youth leadership, education, climate and environmental justice. Trees and plants will purify the air, provide shade, and combat the effects of urban heat islands. The Corridor will expand open space, creating a hub for multigenerational art, science, healing and community building.

Individualized Leadership Development

We match students with leadership development programs after school and in the summer, so that every student participates in after school and summer enrichment opportunities, to include options in arts, technology, media, athletics, camps, international travel, college immersion, service learning and youth organizing. We provide individualized leadership development goal setting, support and advocacy with students.

As our Corridor youth leaders and other gen Z leaders like Greta Thunberg and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez are showing us, today’s young people know exactly how big the issues they face are. They know that fixing climate change and other social justice issues rests on their shoulders, and they’re not waiting around for someone else to do the work.
Our Corridor provides a replicable model for other schools and communities and is designed to inspire and train hundreds of Gretas and Xiuhtezcatls, giving them the tools to not only speak out but also make practical contributions to greening their communities and world.

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